Every Student Has the Right To Learn Something New Every Day
The Friday Forum group of metro-area gifted education professionals who meet periodically to share expertise and problem-solve, have been considering the question: Is gifted education as we know it outdated? The group, coordinated through the Grants and Research Office of Intermediate District 287 and Northeast Metro 916, has discussed how in past years gifted education was considered the research and development arm of education. In recent years, however, gifted education practices do not appear to be keeping up. As Friday Forum has addressed this apparent reality, it also has been suggested that the question might be the wrong one. One member has observed, “We don’t ask ‘are the Olympics outdated’ because they’ve been around for a long time in virtually the same format; we recognize their value to identify high performers who remind us of our potential.”
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Regional Gifted Coordinators’ Network

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with gifted program coordinators from around the metro area.  We meet five times per year to discuss current issues in gifted education:

  • Critical topics identified by network members such as acceleration, identification, response to intervention, and affective needs
  • Gifted program evaluation
  • State funding and legislation for identification, staff development, program design
  • Minnesota Department of Education’s vision and direction

For more information including dates, locations and registration procedures, please visit the Metro ECSU Events Page: http://www.ecsu.k12.mn.us/registration/Events (find “Friday Forum Network” under October 4)

Contact: Barb Groebner, Education Consultant, barb.groebner@metroecsu.org 612-638-1543



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Every Student Has the Right to Learn Something New Every Day